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Privacy Policy

Hart Home Comfort is committed to the privacy of visitors to its website. The following statements detail the privacy policy Hart Home Comfort has created for website users:

  • Any information submitted to Hart Home Comfort through their website is considered confidential. This information will not be sold, exchanged or otherwise shared with any outside parties, except for the express purpose of completing a user-requested transaction or service. The Hart Home Comfort website does not retain any of your credit card information at all.
  • Your e-mail address, if you provide one, will never be distributed to any third party without your express permission and consent. Hart Home Comfort reserves the right to issue information, specials, coupons or other correspondence to submitted e-mails; however, a user may request to be removed from said e-mail lists at any time.
  • Information submitted through our website for the express purpose of using a credit card to make a payment online, or submitting other sensitive data is protected by a 128-bit security certificate.

Hart Home Comfort reserves the right to change their privacy policy without notice. These changes are effective immediately upon posting.


Paying your bill:

Your payment must be posted by the due date noted on your bill. Please allow up to 3 days for processing of your payment. If you need to make an immediate payment or to avoid interruption of future service or deliveries, please contact customer service. Do not use Online Bill Pay for past due accounts.

Account Information:

As a customer you will be notified when your statements are available or if a payment cannot be processed. You also have the ability to select if you would like to be notified when there is payment confirmation or when a recurring payment instruction is about to expire. It is important to insure that if any of your contact or account information changes, you notify our office so that we may reflect those changes on your account.

Late Fees:

If your payment is not received by the due date, applicable late fees may apply.

Questions about your Bill:

For detail of rates, charges, conditions and description of services, feel free to contact customer service.

Suspension or Unavailability of Online Bill Pay:

Hart Home Comfort reserves the right to cancel access to this service if there is reason to believe that the account is being unlawfully accessed or payments are being processed using fraudulent information. Hart Home Comfort reserves the right to modify or withdraw Hart Home Comfort Online Bill Pay service and is not responsible for any service unavailability.

Cancelation Policy:

The customer retains the right to cancel an upcoming delivery up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date. In order to do so, the customer must call the oil department and speak to a representative, who will then place a stop on the delivery for that specific account.

Refund Policy:

Due to the industry in which we operate, and the nature of our business, there are NO Refunds. Once the customer has agreed upon delivery or work to be done, there are to be no refunds.

Last Updated:

These Terms and Conditions of Use were last updated on September 8, 2013.