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It's Time to Get EnergySmart Long Island!

Energy Smart Logo We know how important it is for our customers, our country and our environment for everyone to lower their energy consumption. That's why we have joined with other heating oil companies and home comfort professionals across Long Island to develop an important new program: EnergySmart Long Island. EnergySmart LI is provided through the Long Island Energy Efficiency Clearinghouse. They are a voluntary association of Long Island heating oil dealers dedicated to helping customers lower their energy costs. Our participation means you will buy less fuel from our company, but doing what's right for our customers is always our first priority.

As a Hart Home Comfort customer, you may be eligible to receive a FREE or REDUCED COST BPI Certified Home Energy Audit, and may qualify for up to $13,000 in low-interest loans for your home improvements. The EnergySmart LI process begins with a free energy efficiency consultation with your personal home energy advisor, who will also help you complete all the paperwork for your audit. Rest assured, just as we take the greatest care in the employees we hire to send into your home, we are just as picky when it comes to the home energy professional that will perform the audit. That BPI Energy Expert will be someone we know and trust.

After the audit, your home energy auditor will recommend energy efficiency improvements and what steps to take. They will let you know approximately how much it will cost, and how much energy and money you can expect to save. Of course, we'll be here all along, to answer your questions and take care of any improvements and upgrades to your home comfort systems. We'll work with the BPI Home Energy professional to submit the proposal for your low-interest energy efficiency loan up to $13,000. Your energy savings may even cover the costs of your monthly loan payments!

Free Energy Efficieny Consultation

There may also be additional rebates and/or tax credits available from the utility company, equipment manufacturers, or the federal, state or local government.

Get started right away. Click here for the EnergySmart Long Island application form or call us at (631) 667-3200 and we can complete the application over the phone with you. You can learn more about EnergySmart Long Island by visiting

Remember - the audit costs nothing, but the savings can be substantial.