Protect Your "Hart Rate" with a Price Protection Plan

- 9:09 am - July 21st, 2014

At Hart Home Comfort, we make managing your heating bills easy! Just log onto our website and sign up for the price cap or fixed price program and protect your “Hart Rate” from the stress of fluctuating heating bills all year long.

Our capped price plan will enable you to set a maximum price per gallon for the entire heating season. If heating oil prices rise above the pre-set cap, you will only pay the capped price – no matter how high prices go! If prices fall below the cap, however, you will pay the lower amount. There may be a small fee for this price insurance.

A Hart Home Comfort fixed price plan will give you stability by locking in your fuel oil price until the gallons purchased run out. A fixed price will generally come in lower than the price of a capped plan, and the price is set for the entire season. You will not pay more if the price of heating oil rises nor pay less if it decreases.

As always, you can also choose to pay the daily price and still take advantage of our automatic delivery and budget plan programs. 

Contact us today to with any questions about our price protection plans and log onto our website sign up!