Don’t Move Away When You Move Away

- 1:46 pm - March 13th, 2018

Moving to a new home in a new neighborhood is exciting for everyone. Whether you’re a current Hart Home Comfort customer or a new homeowner living in Queens or on Long Island, our expansive service area will always make Hart Home Comfort the right comfort provider for you! From Queens to Suffolk County, you’ll always be protected by our top-notch services. 

Throughout Queens and Long Island our EcoBlend heating oil has been keeping homeowners warm and toasty. Our EcoBlend-dedicated storage facilities ensure that we always have fuel for our customers – and with a reach like ours, that’s a lot of homes using a clean-burning fuel. Even though our fuel is made with 20% biofuel, you’re paying the same price you would be for regular heating oil. What’s more, you’ll also be able to leverage New York State tax credits, earning you up to 20-cents per gallon purchased of EcoBlend heating oil. 

From Queens to Montauk Point, weather is something that keeps homeowners guessing all year long. One thing is certain – we’re no strangers to the extremes. The winters can be bitter cold and the summers can be hot and humid, so having a home comfort provider capable of tending to your year-round needs is a must! We install, maintain and service air conditioning and heating systems, so no matter where you end up you can have access to Hart Home Comfort and the high-efficiency equipment you need to stay comfortable.

Finally, our price protection is another island-wide benefit our customers can hang on to in any neck of the woods. We offer our customers a Budget Plan that helps cut heating bills in half – protecting them from volatile energy prices during the winter. You’ll only pay for the fuel you use, and each month’s bill will be predictable and manageable. Our payment options also offer a degree of price protection. From capped pricing, which keeps your price below a certain amount while allowing you to benefit from dropping prices, and fixed prices that keep your costs consistent throughout the year.

Residents of Queens and Long Island can bring Hart Home Comfort with them no matter where they live on the Island! There’s nothing to box up, just let us know you’re moving out or moving in and we’ll do everything we can to make it an easy transition for you. Visit our moving services webpage to find out how we can help. We love to be a familiar face in a new town for our customers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us online.