Beat The Heat This Summer: 10 Tips to Keep Cool For Less

- 11:51 am - May 19th, 2014

Are you tired of seeing your electricity bills spike every summer because of your air conditioning? Do you wish you could stay cool while conserving energy and saving money? Air conditioners don’t need to be turned on high 24/7 for you to beat the heat this summer. Hart Home Comfort can help you save big and avoid overusing your A/C. Upgrading your air conditioning system can lower your bill by up to 30 percent, but even if that’s not in the cards this year, you can still follow these 10 easy steps to help you keep cool for less:
  1. Install a digital programmable thermostat. Schedule your air conditioning system to run at a higher temperature when you are not home or are asleep. This will help you save both energy and money. 
  2. Keep shades, blinds & curtains closed. This will block out the sun, allowing you to lower your A/C and save! 
  3. Install reflective window coatings. This will reflect heat away from your home.
  4. Install an attic fan. You can cool your attic by nearly 30 degrees!
  5. Install ceiling fans. They can cut your cooling costs by 40 percent!
  6. Use a microwave. It uses half the power of a conventional oven and cooks food in about a quarter of the time!
  7. Don’t leave the fridge open. Up to 30 percent of the cold air can escape, making the fridge work harder. The same can be said about the oven losing heat.
  8. Cook outdoors. Avoid overheating your kitchen and enjoy freshly grilled BBQ. 
  9. Air-dry your clothes. Avoid using a dryer and save energy! Refer to your clothing tags for instructions; some manufacturers recommend air-drying certain fabrics. 
  10. Plant trees. By planting them due east of east windows, the shade could reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 25 percent!  
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