B20 EcoBlend Bioheat Save & Money and Preserve The Environment

- 10:44 am - September 18th, 2014

At Hart Home Comfort, we were one of Long Island’s first heating oil dealers to deliver Bioheat® fuel to our customers. Since the transition to Bioheat® fuel began, we have continued to deliver B20 EcoBlend Bioheat to homeowners in Nassau and Suffolk counties to help preserve the environment and keep their wallets a little more full. 
B20 EcoBlend Bioheat offers many benefits over alternative home heating methods, including:
  • Supporting our domestic economy: B20 EcoBlend Bioheat is a mixture of 80% heating oil and 20% pure biodiesel, which is made with American-grown renewable resources. This will help support our farmers and limit our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Keeping our environment clean: B20 EcoBlend Bioheat contains almost no ozone-depleting sulfur or other harmful greenhouse gases. This will reduce the effects of global warming to keep Long Island safe for your kids and grandkids.
  • Burning less fuel for the same warmth: B20 EcoBlend Bioheat has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel source, meaning you’ll need to use less fuel to reach the same satisfying level of warmth. This will save you on heating bills during the frigid winter months!
New York State even helps pay for our B20 EcoBlend Bioheat by offering a tax credit. The credit equals one cent per percentage of biodiesel per gallon of fuel – Hart’s B20 blend entitles you to $0.20 per gallon credit. If you use 1,000 gallons of fuel this winter, that’s a $200 tax credit! Contact us for more information about the benefits of B20 EcoBlend Bioheat.